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Arse! The profanity delay

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Software for PCs and Laptops
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 Arse! The profanity delay Parallel port Dongle at £ 695.00 (approx. $865 or €810)
 Arse! The profanity delay USB Dongle at £ 695.00 (approx. $865 or €810)
Audio Hardware
 Marian Marc2 Audio card at £ 182.00 (approx. $230 or €215)
 Echo Mia Audio card at £ 201.00 (approx. $255 or €235)
 USBOne USB Audio card at £ 132.00 (approx. $165 or €155)
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 Express Courier (fast and insured) Shipment at £ 98.00 (approx. $125 or €115)
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All prices exclude VAT at 20.0%, which is charged on UK orders only.

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